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Pip and Posy: The Little Puddle

Pip and Posy: The Little Puddle

Axel Scheffler

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Pip and Posy were having a super-duper, giggle-filled adventure! They built pillow forts taller than a giraffe, raced fluffy clouds across the ceiling, and chased pretend butterflies in the sunshine that streamed through the window. It was so much fun that... Oops! Shust completely forgot about something very important.
Suddenly, Pip noticed a wet surprise on the floor. His ears drooped, and his little nose crinkled with worry. «Oh no, Posy,» he mumbled, feeling sheepish. «I forgot to go potty!» But to his surprise, Posy didn't frown. Instead, she smiled understandingly. «Don't worry, Pipy,» she chirped. «Accidents happen! Let's clean it up like a team, just like we built our mega-fort!»
Together, they grabbed fluffy clouds (aka cotton balls) and soaked up the wet patch. Posy even sprinkled some sparkly magic dust (sand!) to make everything extra clean. Soon, the floor was dry and happy again, just like Pip.
From that day on, Pip always remembered something very important: taking potty breaks between pillow-fort building and butterfly chases. And of course, he knew he could always count on Posy to be his understanding, sparkly-dust-wielding teammate, no matter what!

This story reminds little ones that everyone makes mistakes, but with a helping hand and a little reminder, everything can be sparkly-clean and giggle-filled again!
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Category: For the smallest
Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: ArtBooks
Paper type: Mat
Cover type: Hard
Age: 0+
Print length: 26
ISBN: 978-617-7395-74-3
Dimension: 225.0 x 225.0 mm