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Pip and Posy: The Birthday Party

Pip and Posy: The Birthday Party

Axel Scheffler

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It's Posy's birthday, and Pip is buzzing with excitement! He baked a super yummy cake for his best friend, his heart bubbling with the joy of sharing a special treat. But oh no! As Pip hops excitedly towards the table, his little paws snag on a pebble, sending him tumbling to the ground. The cake takes a dramatic flight before landing in a splatter of frosting and giggles. Pip freezes, a wave of worry washing over him. «Oh, Posy, I'm so sorry! The cake...» he begins, but Posy beams at him, her whiskers twitching with mischief. «Don't worry, silly Shust,» she chirps. «Who needs a perfect cake when we have perfect playmates? Let's make a birthday mess even the Gruffalo would envy!»
And so, Pip and Posy dive into the frosting like playful puppies, decorating themselves and each other in a sugary symphony. They tumble and giggle, their laughter echoing through the room as they build frosting towers and chase sprinkles like confetti stars. The cake may be gone, but their birthday joy explodes tenfold, proving that even mishaps can melt away when sprinkled with friendship and fun.

This heartwarming tale reminds little readers that joy often blooms in unexpected places, and that true friends can turn even a cake flop into a giggle-filled fiesta! So grab a copy, snuggle up with your own best buddy, and let Pip and Posy show you how to dance your way through any sticky situation.
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Category: For the smallest
Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: ArtBooks
Paper type: Mat
Cover type: Hard
Age: 0+
Print length: 32
ISBN: 978-617-7940-85-1
Dimension: 225.0 x 225.0 mm