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Kobylyanska from A to Z

Kobylyanska from A to Z

Svitlana Kirilyuk

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The book examines in detail the key themes present in Kobylyanska's work, such as gender stereotypes, social problems, love and family. The characters and plots of her most famous works are described, as well as her interaction with other literary figures of her time. The book is an ideal choice for those who are interested in Ukrainian literature and want to learn more about the life and work of Olga Kobylyanska, one of the most famous and prominent figures in the history of Ukrainian culture.

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Category: Biography & Memoir
Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: Old Lion Publishing House
Illustrated by: Ivan Shkoropad
Paper type: Mat
Cover type: Hard
Age: 12+
Print length: 72
ISBN: 978-617-679-783-8
Dimension: 218.0 x 290.0 mm