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UNCONQUERED. The big book og bravery

UNCONQUERED. The big book og bravery

Iryna Taranenko , Dmytro Kuzmenko , Marta Leshak , Maria Vorobiova

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Why did Russia launch an attack on Ukraine? Who exactly are the Ukrainians, and what fuels their resilience? What makes it more cost-effective for taxpayers thousands of kilometers away from the conflict to aid Ukraine rather than allocating funds to other pressing needs? How did a localized conflict in Europe impact global stability, and why does the outcome of this war determine the security of every nation?

This incredible book addresses these questions and many others about Ukraine, Russia, and a world that is at risk of losing everything it has gained over a considerable period. 

The book encompasses 550 facts about the course and repercussions of the bloodiest conflict since World War II. With a concise and straightforward presentation, vibrant illustrations, and a touch of humor, the format caters to a diverse readership eager to comprehend the realities of the situation in Ukraine and understand why the fate of not just one state on the eastern border of the European Union but also the future of the global order hangs in the balance.

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Категорія: Подорожі та Дослідження, Дитяча пізнавальна література, Сучасна історія
Мова: Англійська
Видавництво: Книголав
Ілюстратор(ка): Anna Plotka, Iryna Zhuk, Maria Filipchuk, Irena Korol, Maria Gnatiuk, Mariia Romanchenko, Yulia Moskot, Marta Bubniak, Roman Hrechylo, Olesia Kovtyk, Yevheniia Skakun, Olena Kobilinska
Тип паперу: Матовий
Тип обкладинки: Тверда
Вік: 12+
Кількість сторінок: 56
ISBN: 9786178012991
Розмір: 274.0 x 364.0 мм