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Travelbook. Independent

Travelbook. Independent

Iryna Taranenko , Maryna Ostrovska , Yelyzaveta Nieviezhyna , Volodymyr Arenev , Alisa Lindeman

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In 1991, Ukraine regained its independence, offering Ukrainians the opportunity to become citizens of a democratic country after decades of totalitarian rule. The travelogue book provides an overview of the most important facts from the 31 years of existence of the renewed independent Ukraine. It narrates the process of the country's rebirth, driven by the efforts of its inhabitants, and delves into the mistakes and victories, as well as the cultural and societal changes that unfolded. The book is structured as "diaries" for each year from 1991 to 2022, reflecting the joys and concerns of the Ukrainian people. It is not just a socio-political publication but also an engaging book for family reading, captivating both adults and children.

It's a nostalgic book that recounts the times when sneakers and Coca-Cola first appeared on store shelves, when "pierced oranges" were handed out left and right, and when people enthusiastically interpreted adversaries with "Bandera smoothies". The book talks about records and failures, improvements and betrayals, as well as iconic songs, books, and films — everything that shaped our modern identity.

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Категорія: Подорожі та Дослідження, Сучасна історія, Дитяча пізнавальна література
Мова: Англійська
Видавництво: Книголав
Тип паперу: Матовий
Тип обкладинки: Тверда
Вік: 12+
Кількість сторінок: 68
ISBN: 9786178012939
Розмір: 220.0 x 290.0 мм