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Zakhar Berkut

Zakhar Berkut

Ivan Franko

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«Zakhar Berkut» is a historical novella by Ivan Franko, written in 1882. It describes the life and struggle of the free mountain dwellers of the Carpathians — the Tucholians — for their freedom and independence in the 13th century. The main character of the story is Zakhar Berkut, a wise and just elder of the Tucholians. He leads his people against the Mongol invaders who seek to subjugate the Carpathians.
The story describes not only battles and feats, but also the life, customs, and beliefs of the Tucholians. Ivan Franko masterfully depicts the beauty of the Carpathian Mountains, making them not just a backdrop, but one of the full-fledged characters of the work.

«Zakhar Berkut» is not only an exciting story, but also a deep reflection on the value of freedom, the power of unity, and responsibility to one's people.
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Category: Historical fiction, Classic fiction
Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: KSD
Paper type: Mat
Cover type: Hard
Age: 16+
Print length: 224
ISBN: 978-617-12-6833-3
Dimension: 135.0 x 205.0 mm