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Zhovtyy knyazʹ / Yellow Prince

Zhovtyy knyazʹ / Yellow Prince

Vasyl Barka

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In the novel, Vasyl Barka depicted the terrible famine of 1932-1933, which claimed the lives of millions of Ukrainians. The central image of the novel is the Yellow Prince, a symbol of evil and destruction that brings only torment and death. This allegory becomes an object of hatred not only for ordinary people, but also for the reader himself. This is the first Ukrainian prose work about a national tragedy that found recognition in the world. Vasyl Barka was a representative of the Ukrainian diaspora in the United States, where he lived most of his life and engaged in literary activities, promoting Ukrainian culture and literature among the American audience.

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Category: Historical fiction
Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: Folio
Paper type: Mat
Cover type: Soft
Age: 12+
Print length: 320
ISBN: 978-617-551-197-8
Dimension: 84.0 x 108.0 mm