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With Uncovered Head. Ukrainian women's prose

With Uncovered Head. Ukrainian women's prose

Olga Kobylyanska , Lesya Ukrainka , Dnieper Gull , Hrytsko Grigorenko , Ulyana Kravchenko , Natalya Romanovych-Tkachenko , Iryna Wilde , Maria Mathios , Halyna Pagutyak , Oksana Zabuzhko , Oksana Lutsyshina , Katria Hrynevycheva , Nina Bichuya , Lyudmila Taran , Lyubov Ponomarenko , Evgenia Kononenko , Compiler: Vira Ageyeva

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At the beginning of the 20th century, women's literature underwent significant changes. Female writers moved away from imitating male voices and pseudonyms, and began to reveal their own unique perspectives on the world and its values. This collection of short stories introduces readers to the works of the most famous female authors of modernism and postmodernism.
The texts illuminate the experiences of early 20th century emancipationists and revolutionaries, the changing values of the interwar period, and the complexities of finding a new identity in the post-Soviet decades. The collection provides a glimpse into the development of women's literature over the course of a century and showcases the richness of women's experiences and worldviews.

The collection «With Uncovered Head» will be of interest to a wide range of readers interested in the history of women's literature, gender studies, and simply high-quality prose.

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Category: Art, Language & Essays, Stories, Modern Fiction, Classic fiction
Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: Komora
Paper type: Mat
Cover type: Hard
Age: 12+
Print length: 424
ISBN: 978-9669-74034-2
Dimension: 145.0 x 200.0 mm