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William Yeats. The Celtic Twilight and The Secret Rose

William Yeats. The Celtic Twilight and The Secret Rose

William Butler Yeats

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William Butler Yeats was one of the most distinguished English-language poets of the 20th century. Born in Dublin, Ireland, he was actively involved in the Irish national revival. Yeats was a complex and multifaceted writer whose work remains relevant to this day. His poems, plays, and prose compel readers to contemplate the meaning of life, death, love, and the role of humans in the world.

This collection includes two books by William Butler Yeats:
«The Celtic Twilight»: This collection of essays and stories explores Irish mythology, folklore, and history. It was first published in 1893 and is considered a foundational text of the Irish Literary Revival.
«The Secret Rose»: This collection of poems, published in 1897, is known for its symbolism, mysticism, and exploration of Irish mythology. It is considered one of Yeats's most important works.

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