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Tracks on the Road

Tracks on the Road

Valery Marcus (Ananyev)

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«Tracks on the Road» isn't just a book; it's a portal to the soul of the Russian-Ukrainian war.
Written by a veteran who walked the razor's edge of conflict, its pages crackle with tension, danger, and the visceral relief of survival. Every line pulses with authenticity, transporting you to the heart of the battlefield.
But «Tracks on the Road» goes beyond mere words. Woven into its narrative are nearly a hundred QR codes, gateways to real footage and artifacts from the front. See for yourself the trenches, the faces, the remnants of a world forever changed. This interactive experience isn't just storytelling; it's immersion, a chance to stand alongside the author as he bears witness to history.

This book speaks not just to Ukrainians or patriots, but to anyone who craves a deeper understanding of humanity's resilience in the face of unimaginable hardship. If you seek the unvarnished truth of war, the raw emotions that bind soldiers and civilians alike, then «Tracks on the Road» awaits.

Prepare to be challenged, moved, and forever changed.
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Category: Biography & Memoir, Military history
Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: Nash Format
Paper type: Mat
Cover type: Hard
Age: 18+
Print length: 375
ISBN: 978-966-194-302-4
Dimension: 148.0 x 210.0 mm