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Timmy Tobbson. Missing Necklace

Timmy Tobbson. Missing Necklace

Jens I. Wagner

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Hold onto your hats, junior detectives! Buckle up for another thrilling adventure in the «Timmy Tobbson & Friends series», where mysteries abound and young minds crack the case!

This second installment, «Missing Necklace» takes a delightful detour from Timmy's usual exploits. Instead, we join Mia, a plucky heroine on a quest to recover her grandmother's cherished necklace. A daring theft throws Mia's world into a whirlwind, but luckily, she's not alone. With Timmy's keen intellect and trusty friends by her side, the chase is on!
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Category: Translation missing: en.filters.value.children's-fiction
Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: ArtBooks
Paper type: Mat
Cover type: Hard
Age: 8+
Print length: 96
ISBN: 978-617-7940-97-4
Dimension: 160.0 x 235.0 mm