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The Wise Man in the Garden

The Wise Man in the Garden

Anna Khromova

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Little David lived in a small town where the Jewish sage Rabbi Nachman had settled in his later years. The boy had heard much about him from his father, who said that Rabbi Nachman was great and wise. David dreamed of seeing the sage but didn't know what to expect. What was Rabbi Nachman like? Was he as tall as a tree? Or the tallest tree in the forest?
One day, filled with determination, David sneaks into the garden where Rabbi Nachman lived, accompanied by his faithful dog. There, among the lush flowers and trees, the boy unexpectedly encounters the sage. Rabbi Nachman did not resemble David's imagination. He was short, with a gentle gaze and a sincere smile. The sage invited the boy to sit next to him and told him an interesting story.
Rabbi Nachman's story was full of wisdom and kindness. It opened David's eyes to the world and taught him important life lessons. The boy realized that true greatness lies not in size or strength, but in wisdom, kindness, and sincerity.
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Category: Historical fiction, Children's cognitive literature, Travel & Exploration
Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: Portal
Illustrated by: Anastasya Voychuk
Paper type: Glossy
Cover type: Hard
Age: 3+
Print length: 36
ISBN: 978-617-7925-06-3
Dimension: 225.0 x 240.0 mm