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The Neverending Story

The Neverending Story

Michael Ende

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«The Neverending Story» is an epic novel by German writer Michael Ende that takes the reader to the fantastical world of Fantasia. The main character of the book, a boy named Bastian Bux, escapes from school bullies to an old bookstore. There he finds a mysterious book called «The Neverending Story». Gradually, Bastian realizes that this book is not just fiction, but a portal to the real world of Fantasia, which is dying from a terrible emptiness, Nothing.
As he reads the book, the boy becomes a participant in the events taking place in Fantasia. He meets amazing creatures - the good fairy Aura, the brave warrior Atreyu, the wise old man Englique, and others. Together with them, Bastian embarks on a dangerous journey to save Fantasia from Nothing.
«The Neverending Story» teaches us never to lose faith in dreams and strive to make them come true. The book shows how reading can enrich our lives, teach us new things, and help us cope with difficulties. The novel raises important questions about the power of imagination, the nature of good and evil, and human responsibility for their actions.

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Category: Science fiction & Fantasy, Young adults
Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: Old Lion Publishing House
Paper type: Mat
Cover type: Hard
Age: 12+
Print length: 560
ISBN: 978-966-2909-22-7
Dimension: 145.0 x 200.0 mm