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The Khaydasheva Family

The Khaydasheva Family

Ivan Nechuy-Levytskyi

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«The Khaydasheva Family» is a true masterpiece of Ukrainian literature that combines humor, colorful characters, national spirit, and a touch of tragedy.
Despite being written 150 years ago, the story remains relevant and beloved by many generations of readers.
The names of the characters have become household names, plays based on the book are constantly performed on the stages of theaters, and recently a series was released on the screens that перенес the characters of «The Khaydasheva Family» to modern realities.
Why do we love this book so much?
Because it is about ourselves: about our ability to enjoy life, about our stereotypes, whims, flaws, and weaknesses.
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Category: Classic fiction
Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: RM
Paper type: Mat
Cover type: Hard
Age: 12+
Print length: 264
ISBN: 978-617-8248-76-5
Dimension: 150.0 x 225.0 mm