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The Four Winds

The Four Winds

Christine Genna

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Elsa had always been told that she was weak and ugly. She was cared for but not loved. She considered herself a burden and tried to be invisible, not to weigh down her family. But one day everything changed. Elsa found herself in a new, unfamiliar world where she had to work hard, fight hunger, and care for her loved ones. In a time of need, the blood of the Wild West pioneers, which had hitherto flowed quietly in the veins of the pampered girl, made itself felt. It turned out that the girl was not one to give up easily.

The novel «Four Winds» by American writer Kristin Hannah is a story about people with strong spirits who do not give up in the face of danger, but on the contrary, reveal the best features of their character. This work inspires and calls for a struggle with circumstances, with human judgment, for a struggle for love and light.
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Category: Modern Fiction
Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: RM
Paper type: Mat
Cover type: Hard
Age: 12+
Print length: 600
ISBN: 978-617-8373-12-2
Dimension: 150.0 x 225.0 mm