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The First Ones

The First Ones

Maria Oleksa

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«The First Ones» is a captivating debut novel by journalist Maria Oleksa that immerses readers in the whirlpool of youthful emotions and first experiences.
The story of two young hearts — Ravlyk and Vla — unfolds against the backdrop of a picturesque summer camp. An orange sweater, sincere letters, and walks through old Kyiv become witnesses to their blossoming love. 68 June, which promised an eternal summer, suddenly comes to an end.
Time goes by, the characters grow up, making mistakes and searching for themselves. Their paths diverge, leading to new places, meanings, and people. But despite all the changes, in the depths of their souls, the memory of that first, sincere love smolders, forcing them to ask themselves again and again: where (or after whom) is our life really rushing?

«The First Ones» is not just a romance novel. It is a story about growing up, finding yourself, and the meaning of life. It is also a sincere story that will remind you of your first feelings and make you think about eternal values.
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Category: Young adults, Romance
Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: Vikhola
Paper type: Mat
Cover type: Soft
Age: 12+
Print length: 296
ISBN: 978-617-8257-10-1
Dimension: 130.0 x 200.0 mm