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The Arrow of the Steppe

The Arrow of the Steppe

Maria Artemenko

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Imagine a young Sarmatian girl living in the vast steppes of southern Ukraine many centuries ago. What kind of games and dreams would have captured her heart? Perhaps she dreamed of taming a wild horse, feeling its power and freedom beneath her, becoming one with it. Or maybe she longed to shoot a bow as accurately as her mother, a famous warrior, protecting her people and her land. Her dreams could have been as free as the wind in the steppe: galloping on horseback across endless expanses, feeling at one with nature, being untamed and wild. But at the same time, her heart could have also been filled with tenderness: for her loved ones, for her faithful horse, for her homeland. This tenderness made her not just a fierce warrior, but also a girl with a sincere and caring heart.
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Category: Children's cognitive literature, Translation missing: en.filters.value.children's-fiction, Travel & Exploration
Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: Portal
Illustrated by: Yulia Nesmeyanova
Paper type: Glossy
Cover type: Hard
Age: 5+
Print length: 36
ISBN: 978-617-7925-03-2
Dimension: 226.0 x 240.0 mm