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Sleep tight, my construction

Sleep tight, my construction

Rinker Lichtengeld

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Hustle and bustle by day, sweet dreams by night! Our hardworking construction crew – trusty crane, whirring mixer, rumbling dump truck, mighty bulldozer, and tireless excavator – have earned their rest. After building all day, tired smiles peek from under dusty coats.
Under the gentle hush of twilight, the site sighs softly. Wind whispers through leafy lullabies, stars twinkle like sleepy eyes, and moonlight paints the scene silver. Machines close their headlights, eyelids drooping, dreaming of future adventures in brick and stone.

This bedtime gem is the perfect lullaby for little builders. The calming words and soothing illustrations will whisk weary children to dreamland, leaving construction dreams to dance in their sleep.
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Category: Children's cognitive literature
Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: ArtBooks
Illustrated by: Tom Lichtengeld
Paper type: Mat
Cover type: Hard
Age: 0+
Print length: 32
ISBN: 978-617-7395-38-5
Dimension: 260.0 x 250.0 mm