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Vasyl Stus

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The collection of poems of the outstanding Ukrainian poet of the 20th century, Vasyl Stus, includes the best works from different periods of his work. In addition, the book also contains excerpts from letters that impress with their philosophical speculations. The notes given below some poems add unexpected light to the dramatic moments of the poet's life and work. Galina Stefanova, Kostyantyn Moskalets, and Dmytro Stus became consultants for the arrangement of the collection. The afterword to the collection was written by Kostyantyn Moskalets.
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Category: Poetry & Drama
Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: A-ba-ba-ha-la-ma-ha
Paper type: Glossy
Cover type: Hard
Age: 12+
Print length: 352
ISBN: 978-617-585-219-4
Dimension: 116.0 x 162.0 mm