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Navigator of Ukrainian History. World Wars

Navigator of Ukrainian History. World Wars

Oleksandr Majevsky , Valentina Merzhievska , Ihor Tseunov , Diana Zhitnia-Kebas

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This book serves as a guide for teachers, students, and anyone interested in the history of the period 1914-1945. It takes the reader through the preconditions, course, and consequences of the First and Second World Wars, revealing their impact on the world.
«Navigator of Ukrainian History: World Wars» explores: The collapse of empires and waves of revolution that shook the world; The features of totalitarian regimes and the challenges of the interwar period; The political formation of Ukraine in times of extreme violence; The culture of the interwar period and the worldview of the people of that time; The formation of the war myth in different countries.

 The book concludes with a psychological commentary that provides an opportunity to rethink life strategies and understand the psychological consequences of this traumatic period.

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Category: Modern history, Ancient history
Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: Portal
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ISBN: 978-617-7925-50-6
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