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Nastusa's wedding

Nastusa's wedding

Olga Bogomaz

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Haunted by their war-torn childhood and a painful estrangement from their mother, Oleg and Yara reluctantly embark on a journey to the Donetsk region for a wedding that never happens. The ghost of their artistic father hangs heavy in the air, his death a raw wound that festers under the surface. Along the way, they encounter unexpected faces, both familiar and new, each interaction peeling back layers of their past and unearthing long-buried memories. Through poignant reunions and heartbreaking losses, they confront the ghosts that have shaped them, wrestling with questions of identity, forgiveness, and the elusive meaning of home. Perhaps, amidst the ruins of their former lives, they might finally find the courage to rebuild and discover what truly matters, not just for themselves, but for the family they desperately hope to mend.
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Category: Modern Fiction
Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: Laboratory
Paper type: Mat
Cover type: Soft
Age: 16+
Print length: 208
ISBN: 978-617-8203-54-2
Dimension: 145.0 x 215.0 mm