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Momotaro and other Japanese fairy tales

Momotaro and other Japanese fairy tales

Illustrations: Viktor Harkusha

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This is a wonderful collection of traditional Japanese fairy tales that will transport you to the world of amazing adventures and magical creatures. The main character of one of the tales is Momotaro , a boy who was born from the petals of a peach and gained great strength and courage to defeat terrible demons and save his country. This book also has other interesting fairy tales about wizards, whales and beautiful princesses that inspire with their moral teachings and unforgettable images. In addition, the book contains many bright illustrations and original design, which will make reading even more interesting and exciting.

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Category: Children’s fairy tales
Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: A-ba-ba-ha-la-ma-ha
Illustrated by: Viktor Harkusha
Paper type: Glossy
Cover type: Hard
Age: 5+
Print length: 40
ISBN: 978-617-585-064-0
Dimension: 205.0 x 310.0 mm