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Roald Dahl

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This is a charming children's book written by Roald Dahl, one of the most famous authors of children's literature. This is a story about a girl, Matilda Wormwood, who was special from childhood, but her parents and older sister did not appreciate it and treated her with contempt. This book is about the importance of having confidence in yourself and your own uniqueness, about the fact that the impossible can be achieved if you have the right motivation. This is a wonderful book for children that captivates and leaves a positive impression. She will teach children how to be themselves and be open to learning, how to improve their skills and how to succeed in life.

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Category: Translation missing: en.filters.value.children's-fiction, Science fiction & Fantasy
Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: A-ba-ba-ha-la-ma-ha
Illustrated by: Quentin Blake
Paper type: Mat
Cover type: Hard
Age: 8+
Print length: 272
ISBN: 9789667047641
Dimension: 130.0 x 200.0 mm