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Independent Ukraine

Independent Ukraine

Mykola Mikhnovskyi

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«Independent Ukraine», the seminal work of Mykola Mikhnovskyi, stands as a beacon of national identity and a clarion call for freedom. First published in 1900 as the manifesto of the Revolutionary Ukrainian Party, the book ignited a fire that would soon engulf a generation.

Within its pages, Mikhnovskyi eloquently argues for the inherent existence of the Ukrainian nation, distinct in its language, culture, and historical journey. He champions the fundamental right of Ukrainians to self-determination, independent of any imperial yoke, be it Russia, Austria-Hungary, or any other.

More than just a manifesto, «Independent Ukraine» became a blueprint for action. In 1917, inspired by its unwavering conviction, Ukrainians defiantly raised the yellow and blue banner, marking the dawn of their revolutionary struggle. Its influence resonated through decades, fueling the fight for a sovereign state through successive waves of resistance and ultimately contributing to the birth of the modern Ukrainian nation.

This powerful treatise is not just a relic of history. It remains a compelling resource for understanding the political, legal, and philosophical underpinnings of Ukrainian nationhood. Whether you're a political scientist, a dedicated public figure, or simply someone captivated by the story of a nation's aspirations, "Independent Ukraine" offers a profound exploration of identity, resilience, and the unwavering pursuit of self-determination.

Delve into these potent pages and witness the sparks of a nation awakening, a testament to the enduring power of ideas and the unyielding spirit of a people yearning for freedom.

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Category: Military history , Modern history
Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: Nash Format
Paper type: Mat
Cover type: Hard
Age: 12+
Print length: 64
ISBN: 978-617-8120-39-9
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