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Human body. Developmental tasks for children

Human body. Developmental tasks for children

Katie Stokes

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This book is a must-have for any child who is curious about the human body. It will teach them about the structure and function of the body's systems, as well as how to stay healthy.
The book is divided into several chapters, each of which focuses on a different body system. Each chapter provides clear and engaging explanations of the system's role and function, as well as interesting facts and trivia.
To help children learn and retain the information, each chapter includes a variety of activities, such as puzzles, games, and experiments. The most important activities can be completed right in the book using crayons or markers.

The book is appropriate for children of preschool and early elementary school age. Younger readers can complete the activities with adult help, while older children can do them independently. This book is a fun and informative way for children to learn about their bodies. It is a great gift for any child who is curious about the world around them.
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Category: Children's cognitive literature, Tutorial
Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: Vivat
Illustrated by: Svitlana Kryvoshey, Christy Nye
Paper type: Mat
Cover type: Hard
Age: 5+
Print length: 64
ISBN: 978-966-942-521-8
Dimension: 205.0 x 260.0 mm