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How to Destroy the Russian World

How to Destroy the Russian World

Vadym Denysenko

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Vadym Denysenko, a Ukrainian historian and politician, in his book «How to Destroy the Russian World», explores the historical roots and current state of Russian imperial ideology. He argues that this ideology is the foundation of the Russian state and its aggressive foreign policy. The author analyzes how the Russian world emerged in the time of Ivan the Terrible and how it has developed over the centuries. He shows how this ideology has been used to justify Russian wars of aggression and the oppression of other peoples.

Denisenko also considers how the Russian world functions in the modern world. He shows how this ideology is used to legitimize the regime of Vladimir Putin and his aggression against Ukraine.

This work is an important study that helps us understand why Russia is the way it is. It also offers some ideas about how to counter Russian imperial ideology.
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Category: Military history , Eyewitness & Reportage
Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: Nash Format
Paper type: Mat
Cover type: Hard
Age: 16+
Print length: 208
ISBN: 978-617-8120-54-2
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