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Holodomor Studies and Genocide Studies

Holodomor Studies and Genocide Studies

Andriy Kozytskyi

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This comprehensive collection of scholarly articles meticulously explores the Holodomor and other genocidal atrocities committed throughout the 20th century. The contributing authors focus on the demographic and socio-cultural repercussions of the Holodomor-genocide against Ukrainians, examining the methods and narratives employed to deny this horrific crime, and delving into other critical aspects of this tragedy.
The second thematic block of the collection delves into the ongoing debates surrounding the classification of the Ukrainian-Polish conflict in Volhynia during World War II. A majority of the articles presented in this volume were authored between 2016 and 2021, with a portion making their debut in this publication.
This invaluable resource will undoubtedly captivate historians, journalists, political scientists, and all those seeking a deeper understanding of the history of the Holodomor and other 20th-century genocides.
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