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Hidden Pictures

Hidden Pictures

Jason Rekulak

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Mallory, a young illustrator, receives a strange gift from a stranger: an old diary of a boy named Teddy. The diary is filled with terrifying drawings and stories about horrible events that supposedly happened in his life. Mallory, fascinated and horrified at the same time, feels that there is a mystery hidden behind Teddy's drawings that she must solve. Gradually, the woman immerses herself in the boy's world, where reality intertwines with fiction and terrible secrets come to light.

«Hidden Drawings» is not just a thriller, it is a psychological portrait of a traumatized person. Jason Rekulak masterfully uses drawings to convey the depth of Teddy's experiences and the horror of his secret. The book makes you think about how past traumas affect our present, as well as the power of art and its ability to heal.

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Category: Crime & Thrillers, Modern Fiction
Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: KSD
Illustrated by: Will Stele, Dougie Horner
Paper type: Mat
Cover type: Hard
Age: 16+
Print length: 384
ISBN: 978-617-12-9821-7
Dimension: 135.0 x 25.0 mm