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Tanya Malyarchuk

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«Oblivion» is a novel by Ukrainian writer Tanya Malyarchuk that tells the story of a woman's search for herself through her exploration of the life of Vyacheslav Lypynsky.
The main character of the novel is Vyacheslav Lypynsky, a Ukrainian historian, philosopher, and founder of Ukrainian monarchism. He was a brilliant mind who left a significant mark on Ukrainian history.
The main character of the novel is a modern woman who works in an archive. She accidentally finds Lypynsky's letters and begins to immerse herself in his life. The more the woman learns about Lypynsky, the more she realizes that he is similar to her. She also feels that there is something in his life that can help her understand herself.

The novel «Oblivion» is not only a historical novel, but also a novel about self-discovery. It tells the story of how we can find ourselves by studying the lives of other people.
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Category: Modern Fiction, Historical fiction
Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: Old Lion Publishing House
Paper type: Mat
Cover type: Hard
Age: 16+
Print length: 256
ISBN: 978-617-679-330-4
Dimension: 135.0 x 205.0 mm