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The History of Space Exploration: From the Sundial to Man's Flight to Mars

The History of Space Exploration: From the Sundial to Man's Flight to Mars

Stephanie Ledoux and Stephane Frattini

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Since ancient times, people have looked up at the sky, admiring the beauty of the stars. They noticed that the movement of celestial bodies is associated with the change of seasons. Over time, people learned to use this knowledge for agriculture and other purposes.
The development of science led to new discoveries. One of them was the discovery that the Earth is not the center of the universe. This was a real sensation! It posed many questions to people about how the universe is arranged. Today, people can fly into space and explore distant galaxies using spacecraft. This opens up new opportunities for us to explore the universe.

Who would you like to be when you grow up: an astronomer or an astronaut? Both of these professions are very interesting and important. Astronomers help us to better understand the universe, and astronauts open up new horizons for humanity.
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