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Baby Dino. Terry's First Flight

Baby Dino. Terry's First Flight

Vita Levytska

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Many children are afraid of getting lost in a crowd, saying goodbye to their parents, or being without their care. So is the little dinosaur Bronto, who is trying to find his father. In this adventure, his friends Terry, Trixie, and Rex help him. The illustrations of the Italian artist Marisa Vestita depict cute dinosaurs who show children by their own example that with loyal friends, any obstacle can be overcome.

The story is a heartwarming tale of friendship and courage. Bronto is scared and lost, but his friends never give up on him. They help him to find his way home and to face his fears. The story teaches children that it is important to have friends who support you, and that with a little courage, anything is possible.

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Category: For the smallest
Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: Knygolove
Paper type: Mat
Cover type: Hard
Age: 3+
Print length: 14
ISBN: 9786177563746
Dimension: 167.0 x 180.0 mm