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[dasein: defense of presence]

[dasein: defense of presence]

Yaryna Chornoguz

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Yaryna Chornoguz's book is not just a collection of poems, but also letters from the front, letters from the front line. This is not a description of combat operations, but a story about the pain of losses, about life in war, about the awareness of the choice to fight.
These are texts written during a year and a half rotation at the front, during a full-scale war. The author shares her memories of Skadovsk, Kherson Oblast, Severodonetsk, Mariupol, Bakhmut, Lysychansk and other places that have become her second home.
This is a book about how war changes a person, about how to live with the pain of loss, about how to find the meaning of life in the hell of war. This is a book about defending your presence in this world.
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Category: Poetry & Drama, Modern history, Eyewitness & Reportage, Biography & Memoir
Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: Vikhola
Paper type: Mat
Cover type: Hard
Age: 12+
Print length: 112
ISBN: 978-617-8257-11-8
Dimension: 125.0 x 185.0 mm