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Kerim's Crimea

Kerim's Crimea

Natalia Smirnova

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Beneath the vibrant bloom of Crimean pomegranates, Kerim's childhood unfolds in a sun-drenched village beside the Black Sea. He savors the warmth of family, the laughter of friends, the scent of jasmine in the summer breeze. But this idyllic world shatters with the thunder of war. The Second World War tears through his home, leaving in its wake a trail of broken homes and shattered hearts.
Suddenly, Kerim's life is uprooted. He, along with his fellow Crimean Tatars, are swept away in a tide of forced displacement, embarking on a grueling journey to an unknown future. Crammed into stifling train cars, the rhythm of their lives is replaced by the relentless clang of wheels and the gnawing ache of loss.
Yet, «Kerim's Crimea» is not merely a tapestry of loss. It's a testament to the enduring spirit of hope, resilience, and love for home. Even as Kerim faces hardship and unimaginable losses, he clings to the memory of his beloved Crimea. He finds solace in family, strength in community, and purpose in the promise of a brighter future.

This book is more than just a compelling story; it's a window into a pivotal moment in history. With its unique blend of historical accuracy and emotional depth, «Kerim's Crimea» provides young readers with a platform to understand the complex, often painful, story of the Crimean Tatars. It becomes a bridge between generations, sparking conversations about war, displacement, and the unwavering human spirit in the face of adversity.
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Category: Translation missing: en.filters.value.children's-fiction, Modern history, Travel & Exploration
Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: Portal
Illustrated by: Lyudmila Stetskovich
Paper type: Mat
Cover type: Hard
Age: 8+
Print length: 96
ISBN: 978-617-7925-22-3
Dimension: 215.0 x 255.0 mm