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Sin city. A dame to kill for. Volume 2

Sin city. A dame to kill for. Volume 2

Frank Miller

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This volume is about Dwight, who meets his former lover, who turned to him for help. He once again finds himself in the vortex of a dangerous game where everyone is against him, and his life once again depends on his decisions.

The comic contains a dark atmosphere, violence and sexuality, but at the same time attracts attention with its unique drawing style and unforgettable characters. City of Sins. Volume 2. A Woman Worth Killing For is an eccentric and mature comic that has left its mark on the world of comics. 16+

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Category: Comics
Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: Mal'opus
Paper type: Mat
Cover type: Hard
Age: 18+
Print length: 208
ISBN: 978-617-7756-13-1
Dimension: 160.0 x 240.0 x 20.0 mm