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Carpathian Cuisine. From Simple Food to Delicacies

Carpathian Cuisine. From Simple Food to Delicacies

Sergey Pozhar

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Galician cuisine is a variety of tastes and aromas that reflects the centuries-old history and culture of the region. It was created by various national minorities who lived on the territory of Galicia, filling it with their traditions. In this book, the famous cook and blogger Serhiy Pozhar shares recipes for traditional Galician dishes with his readers. In it you will find both classic dishes, such as bograch, chorba, lecho, and less well-known, but no less delicious dishes, such as dumplings, Szeged goulash, pies, schnitzels.

The book also tells about the history and traditions of Galician cuisine. You will learn how these dishes were prepared in the past and how they are prepared today.

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Category: Tutorial
Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: Old Lion Publishing House
Paper type: Mat
Cover type: Hard
Age: 12+
Print length: 336
ISBN: 978-617-679-579-7
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