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Bustrophedon and Others. A Brief History of Reading

Bustrophedon and Others. A Brief History of Reading

Galina Glodz

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Have you ever wondered how reading has changed throughout history? Can you measure a book in bags of clay? Or replace glasses with a glass of water? How about reading text without spaces, punctuation, or in a mirror image?
Embark on a fascinating journey into the world of reading with this book!

Young readers will discover: How people read in different times; What inventions made reading more accessible; How reading has impacted the development of humanity; Why reading remains important in our lives.
This book is filled with interesting facts, colorful illustrations, and engaging stories. It makes a wonderful gift for anyone interested in history and culture.

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Category: Children's cognitive literature, Ancient history, Travel & Exploration
Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: Portal
Illustrated by: Anastasia Voychuk
Paper type: Mat
Cover type: Hard
Age: 8+
Print length: 80
ISBN: 978-617-7925-42-1
Dimension: 225.0 x 270.0 mm