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The book of Hopelessness. 1991—2004

The book of Hopelessness. 1991—2004

Timur and Olena Lytovchenko

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The book tells about the consequences of the collapse of the Soviet Union for Ukraine. The independence of the country became the realization of the dream of many Ukrainians, but it met them with new challenges for which the country was unprepared. The government as a whole did not undergo any changes and continued to do the same as before, robbing the country. A life change that society was not prepared for caused a lot of stress and uncertainty. People were divided into those who tried to simply survive and those who protested for better living conditions. The book also describes the Orange Revolution of 2004, which had hopes of renewing the country.

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Category: Modern history, Eyewitness & Reportage
Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: Folio
Paper type: Mat
Cover type: Hard
Age: 12+
Print length: 640
ISBN: 978-966-03-9535-0
Dimension: 84.0 x 108.0 mm