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Ivo Breshan

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Ivo Brešan's novel «Astaroth» is a political and historical satire that explores the complex experiences of Croats. The author describes the horrors of the Yugoslav Wars and ethnic cleansing during World War II with realistic and cold-blooded precision.
At the same time, Brešan strives to give the work a universal meaning. He goes beyond Croatian history, touching on a broader context. The author explores the eternal questions of politics, power, cruelty, and human nature.

This novel is an important work that forces readers to reflect on the tragic events of the past and the pressing issues of the present.

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Category: Modern Fiction
Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: Komora
Paper type: Mat
Cover type: Hard
Age: 16+
Print length: 472
ISBN: 978-617-7286-23-2
Dimension: 135.0 x 205.0 mm