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Stolen Focus. Why You Can't Pay Attention

Stolen Focus. Why You Can't Pay Attention

Johann Gary

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Drowning in pings and notifications? Struggling to stay focused in a world filled with distractions? You're not alone.
In his new book, «Stolen Focus. Why You Can't Pay Attention» acclaimed author and journalist Johann Hari offers a life-changing solution. He reveals how our constant distractions aren't just annoying, they're actually stealing our ability to live a truly fulfilling life.

Forget endless willpower hacks and productivity apps. Hari delves into the deeper causes of our scattered attention, from cluttered environments to social media's dopamine loop. «Stolen Focus. Why You Can't Pay Attention» isn't just a self-help book; it's a manifesto for mindful living in the digital age. It's the ultimate guide for anyone who wants to rediscover the power of focused attention and unlock their full potential.

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Category: Science & Natural history, Psychology & Self-development
Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: Laboratory
Paper type: Mat
Cover type: Soft
Age: 16+
Print length: 296
ISBN: 978-617-8053-01-7
Dimension: 145.0 x 215.0 mm