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Another Day of War. A Visual Diary

Another Day of War. A Visual Diary

Julia Tveritina

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Under the oppression of Russian aggression, when missiles rained down on Ukrainian soil and occupying forces seized towns near Kyiv, Yulia Tveritina took up her pen. Her weapon was not a rifle, but a paintbrush, with which she began to document the new reality of Ukrainians – the reality of war.
The War Diary is not just a series of illustrations. It is a cry of the soul, poured out on paper. It is a testament to pain, fear, and loss, but also to resilience, unity, and faith. Born from the testimonies of friends and relatives, from the stream of horrific news, and from the author's own reflections, The War Diary strikes with its emotional depth and artistic power. Despite the cruelty of war, it finds a place for colors and light. It is a ray of hope that pierces through the darkness, a belief that good always triumphs over evil.

Yulia Tveritina's War Diary is not just a chronicle of tragic events. It is a universal language of art that tells the world about the experiences of Ukrainians and gives us a chance to better understand their struggle for freedom.
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Category: Eyewitness & Reportage, Art, Language & Essays, Modern history
Language: Ukrainian, English
Publisher: Portal
Illustrated by: Julia Tveritina
Paper type: Mat
Cover type: Hard
Age: 12+
Print length: 112
ISBN: 978-617-8374-01-3
Dimension: 265.0 x 265.0 mm