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And the Moon Told Me

And the Moon Told Me

Sam Gwilym , Julia Gwilym

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At night, when our son seems to only want to jump up and down in bed, we tell him stories about how everyone he knows is sleeping at this very moment. We talk about where they sleep, what they did that day, and what they dream about. In this story, we wanted to take a broader look at what the moon would tell about how children from all over the world, who live in very different conditions, will go to bed tonight. — The Authors.
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Category: For the smallest, Children's cognitive literature
Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: Vydavnytstvo
Paper type: Mat
Cover type: Hard
Age: 3+
Print length: 32
ISBN: 978-617-7818-37-2
Dimension: 210.0 x 270.0 mm