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77 days of February. Ukraine between two symbolic dates of the Russian war ideology

77 days of February. Ukraine between two symbolic dates of the Russian war ideology


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The book collects reports written by journalists of the Ukrainian publication Reporters between February 23 and May 9, two dates that have symbolic meaning in Russian military ideology. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has stopped the counting of days and has thrown Ukrainians into an interregnum, where February, the month that symbolizes the beginning of the great war, still continues. In this interregnum and in these reports, there is pain, fear, hatred, and despair, but most importantly, hope. This book is an honest and candid voice of the new Ukrainian reality, which was captured by Reporters journalists and authors firsthand.

Reporters is a unique Ukrainian media outlet that specializes in writing long-form texts in the genre of literary reportage. They have been operating online since 2019, and since 2021, an illustrated magazine has been published twice a year. Over the three years of their work, Reporters has gathered the best authors and photojournalists from different regions of Ukraine. Since the very beginning of the Russian aggression, the Reporters team has been documenting historical events that have become part of the lives of Ukrainians, who have become participants and witnesses of these events.
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Category: Eyewitness & Reportage, Modern history
Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: Laboratory
Paper type: Mat
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Age: 16+
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ISBN: 978-617-8203-39-9
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