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100 express Ukrainian lessons. Part 2

100 express Ukrainian lessons. Part 2

Oleksandr Avramenko

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This book is a sequel to the popular textbook «100 Express Lessons in Ukrainian». It contains another hundred interesting stories that teach the correct use of modern Ukrainian in an easy and accessible way. You can read this book anywhere  on the train, plane, beach, or at a boring meeting  it will help you speak Ukrainian more confidently and correctly. The author offers short lessons with witty illustrations that will help you remember the rules of modern Ukrainian.
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Category: Tutorial
Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: Knygolove
Illustrated by: Natalka Haida
Paper type: Mat
Cover type: Soft
Age: 12+
Print length: 192
ISBN: 9786177563036
Dimension: 101.0 x 152.0 mm