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Three Cuckoos With a Bow

Three Cuckoos With a Bow

Grihyr Tyutyunnyk

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«Three Cuckoos With a Bow» is not just a novel, it is a sincere story about the depths of the human soul, written by the master of words Hryhir Tyutyunnyk.
The war cruelly separates the lovers Mykhailo and Sophia, leaving her with only memories. The girl struggles to survive on her own, raising her son, and believing that her beloved will return.
Mykhailo's return is overshadowed by the shadow of war. Broken and mutilated, he seeks oblivion, not a new life. Sophia, however, sincerely loving him, does not give up, giving her beloved warmth and support. Against the backdrop of the post-war village, a drama of human relations unfolds, poverty and losses do not extinguish hope in the hearts of people, and war exposes true values: loyalty, love and forgiveness.
The subtle psychologism, lyricism and autobiographical motives make the novella «Three Cuckoos With a Bow» a true masterpiece. The symbolism of the work makes us think about the meaning of life, the value of human relations and the power of forgiveness.

This is not just a book, it is a sincere conversation with the soul, which will make you laugh, cry, empathize and seek answers to eternal questions.
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Category: Classic fiction, Stories, Historical fiction
Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: Pabulum
Paper type: Mat
Cover type: Hard
Age: 12+
Print length: 248
ISBN: 978-617-8325-01-5
Dimension: 142.0 x 210.0 mm