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Lunastry. The Leap Over The Stars

Lunastry. The Leap Over The Stars

Natalia Shcherba

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In the first book of the «Lunastry» series, the talented Nataliya Shcherba tells a gripping story of two teenagers who meet by chance in a small town. Young Astra Celestina and Lunates Tim and Alex come from different worlds, but they share a common goal: to live freely in the new world of Astralis.
The author masterfully combines reality and fantasy, creating an incredibly mystical atmosphere. The book is full of humor, action, chases, battles, and investigations.

Each of the characters has their own destiny, purpose, and secret. Celestina is the last Astra who can save her people. Tim is a young Lunate who strives to meet the expectations of his father. Alex is a Lunate who has a dark secret.

«Lunastri. The Leap over the Stars» is a bright, exciting, and mysterious story that will not leave any reader indifferent.
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Category: Science fiction & Fantasy, Young adults
Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: Shkola
Paper type: Mat
Cover type: Hard
Age: 8+
Print length: 416
ISBN: 978-966-429-40-62
Dimension: 160.0 x 220.0 mm