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Cat's Cradle

Cat's Cradle

Kurt Vonnegut

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Kurt Vonnegut was an American science fiction writer who is widely considered to be one of the most important American writers of the 20th century. His work seamlessly blends satire, dark humor, and science fiction. In «Cat's Cradle», Vonnegut depicts a world order that is still relevant today and outlines one possible future. The novel tells the story of the creation of the atomic bomb and simultaneously warns readers that there are other, equally horrific things that pose a serious threat to the future of humanity and the universe. The novel also explores themes of unrequited love and the search for faith, which Vonnegut suggests are both ultimately futile in a world that is so precarious and uncertain.
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Category: Classic fiction
Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: BookChef
Paper type: Mat
Cover type: Hard
Age: 16+
Print length: 224
ISBN: 978-617-548-101-1
Dimension: 130.0 x 200.0 mm