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Ukrainian Сuisine. The Best Dishes

Ukrainian Сuisine. The Best Dishes

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Ukrainian cuisine is known for its variety and richness. You can find dishes to suit every taste and budget.

Among the first courses, borscht is usually the star. It is made with various meats, vegetables, and spices. Borscht can be red, green, or black, and it can be served with dumplings, meatballs, or sausages. Meat dishes in Ukrainian cuisine are also very diverse. You can find крученики (rolled beef), завиванці (rolled cabbage leaves), битки (meatcakes), січеники (minced meat patties), fried, stewed, baked, and even roasted dishes.
Fish dishes occupy a special place in Ukrainian cuisine. They are prepared in various ways: fried, stewed, baked, and also in the form of cutlets, meatballs, and even soup.
Desserts in Ukrainian cuisine are no less diverse. You can find вареники з вишнею (plum dumplings), галушки (dumplings), шулики (dumplings with cottage cheese), вергуни (swirled doughnuts), коржики (cookies), узвари (fruit compote), ягідні холодці (berry jelly), and фруктові бабки (fruit cakes).

This book contains hundreds of time-tested and unique recipes from Ukrainian cuisine. It will help you improve your culinary skills and prepare delicious dishes for your entire family.

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