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Nobody's Khrul

Nobody's Khrul

Sashko Dermanskyi

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Imagine the snowy expanses of Ukraine millions of years ago, when majestic mammoths, ferocious wolves, and mighty rhinoceroses roamed the land. One icy day, a baby mammoth, a wolf cub, and a rhinoceros calf found a strange creature — a bipedal being in a bison skin. It was a primitive man, a creature unlike anything they had ever seen before. He was thin, frozen, and clearly in need of help. The baby mammoth, the wolf cub, and the rhinoceros calf, although at some risk, decided to help this strange creature.
The story of the baby mammoth, the wolf cub, the rhinoceros calf, and the primitive man is not just a story about friendship and helping others. It is a story about how сompassion and unity can overcome any barrier, even the most diverse creatures can find common ground, friendship and mutual assistance are the keys to survival in difficult conditions.
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Category: Children's cognitive literature, For the smallest
Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: Portal
Illustrated by: Veronika Kotyk
Paper type: Mat
Cover type: Hard
Age: 5+
Print length: 36
ISBN: 978-617-7925-08-7
Dimension: 226.0 x 240.0 mm